Chocolate Banana Microwave Mini Cake Fail

Don’t put banana and milk as the only wet ingredients. Needs fat. And more sugar. The texture came out super rubbery or as they say in my native Norcal tongue, helllla rubbery.  As you can see, I tried to be fancy and made a banana center, which turned out okay. Okay as in neither good nor bad. Luckily I’m good at eating things and I ate this failure as well. I ate it with the remaining mashed banana that I didn’t bake and some almond butter (makes everything taste better). Here’s a picture of what not to do.

photo (34)


One thought on “Chocolate Banana Microwave Mini Cake Fail

  1. Vinay Reddy says:

    This is not a failure. The only failure is not having the guts, the unbridled courage to try something new, to experiment and venture into the unknown, to put your pride on the line, to make something that has never been made before. In fact, this chocolate brownie cake is hella. Pure hella.


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