Newest/Best Iteration of Chocolate Mug Cake

I went with ChocolateCoveredKatie this time (inspiration by my lil bro). I made the mocha single serving cake and fudge frosting. Here is my take on it:

3 heaped spoons of whole wheat flour

small half spoon of baking powder

1 heaped + small half spoon of cocoa powder

a little bit more than a small half of a spoon of coffee powder

2 or 3 spoons of brown sugar (smaller spoons than used for flour)


1 spoon of oil

3 spoons of milk


microwave for 40 seconds and then 20 seconds


1 spoon almond butter

half or 1 spoon of cocoa powder

1 spoon of sugar

some milk to thin it


put frosting on cake

eat cake

It’s actually really good. I would definitely make it again. No tweaks or anything. There’s no picture because it’s not very pretty. But it tastes good.

EDIT: First of all, this cake comes together so quickly (it’s also devoured very quickly). Second of all, I tried a molten version of this cake by adding about a small palm-sized amount of chocolate chips in the center before microwaving. While it was, of course, delicious, it didn’t have the molten quality to it that I desired, so the quest continues…

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