This is my lunch: frozen veggies cooked with some yogurt, lemon, and spices and chapati.

photo (37)

Now I’ll tell you what makes this chapati special.

I made it without a rolling pin!

How in the world did I make it without a rolling pin, you ask?

Well, let me tell you.

At first, I too was as perplexed as you, dear reader.

I looked on my counter top for a cylindrical object.

And I found one.

The end.

I’m just kidding, I would never end such a riveting story so abruptly.

This water bottle you see below was my makeshift rolling pin.

photo (38)

Ingenious, I know.

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2 thoughts on “Chapati

  1. Vinay Reddy says:

    I am giggling with unrestrained violent inspiration by the ingenuity thus arising from the pages of said blog post.


  2. themayafiles says:

    I relay my thanks for your kind words of kindness, stranger who may be related to me.


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