Delicious cookies that make use of food that would otherwise last for days

Here are the aforementioned cookies.

photo (39)

Let me tell you the story behind these cookies.

I sometimes cook rice when I feel like eating rice. I cook a cup of rice because that is the amount I know how to cook. You could say that my mom’s instructions are ingrained in me. But I don’t eat a cup of rice in one day. Sometimes not even in two days. And after a couple days, I don’t want to eat it anymore because it’s so old. Three days, four days…how many more days will I ignore the aging rice??

I didn’t want to be stuck in this sticky situation again. Yesterday, I cooked some rice. Once cup, to be exact. Today, I wanted cookies. But I had rice. But I wanted cookies. What if I made rice cookies? Whaaat. Omg how, you ask? Well, let me tell you how.

First type “brown rice cookies” into Google.

If you don’t want to do that, I conveniently have the link right here for you : I am the link.

Of course, I did not follow that recipe exactly due to my limited pantry.

If you would like to know what my recipe is, or you are me in the future and want to know what you did to make such awesome cookies, continue reading.

When I say cup, I actually used a rice cup, which may or may not be the same size as a regular cup. As long as the measurements are proportionate, it’s probably fine.

Mix these:

3/4 cup whole wheat flour

1/4 cup cocoa powder

about a 1/4 spoon of baking soda (or something like that)

3 shakes of salt

Mix these separately:

1/2 cup of ghee + oil + almond butter (about a spoon of ghee, 2 huge spoons of almond butter, oil to fill the cup)

1/2 cup of sugar (mostly brown, some white)

Now add 1 cup of cooked brown rice and mix.

Now combine everything and mix.

If it’s a bit dry, add a spoon or two of yogurt. Add in chopped walnuts. Roll into balls and flatten and bake for 12-13 minutes. Let it cool in the pan. Eat the cookies.


The rice remains intact, but it’s not bad. The raw dough tastes good too. Also, I see a pattern emerging in which I make oven-baked chocolate pastries right before a midterm when I should be studying.

More notes:

Sneha didn’t even know there was rice in this, right Sneha? Sneha also says she doesn’t notice things in food, so that’s probably why.

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2 thoughts on “Delicious cookies that make use of food that would otherwise last for days

  1. Vinay Reddy says:

    What a heartwarming story of a young gentlewoman who has found a home for orphaned rice.


  2. themayafiles says:

    Your way with words is brilliant like the sun on a sunny day when it’s really sunny.


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