Recent happenings

I made brussel sprouts. They were okayy. I cooked them too long, so they were softer than I’m used to. Also, I used frozen ones. I think fresh is better so that you can cut them in half instead of cooking little balls. The little balls are weird. But overall, it was edible. I put some soyaki sauce, a little bit of peanut butter, edamame, and pineapple.

I made a lot of different cookies. One version was oatmeal cookies from CCK, except I put peanut butter in place of some butter. Another version, I didn’t put peanut butter, but I made it a huge “cookie” to fill the pan. I also put some coffee. Then, I made a sauce thing. It was good. Today, I made “no-bake” cookies. They were really good. The only thing is that instead of quick cooking oats, I used rolled oats. They were not really that cooked. I think next time, I should grind the oats and toast/cook them a little before adding to the mixture. But otherwise, they were good.

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