Carrot greens perugu (yogurt) pacchadi

I had to buy carrots as a prop for a class video project. With the carrots came carrot greens. Apparently they are edible. I saw some recipes for carrot greens pesto, but I didn’t have nuts. I decided to make perugu pacchadi instead because it’s yummy. I used one of those Indian recipe youtube videos as a guide (they didn’t use carrot greens, but they used other vegetables). The perugu pacchadi tasted good because perugu tastes good and tempering (seasoning (popu)) tastes good.

The carrot greens were alright…They are very fibrous. I tried cooking them for a while but it didn’t make too much of a difference. I wouldn’t use them again. They do have a slight carroty taste. Maybe pesto is better because the fibrousness gets mashed up. Also, I used the whole thing, including the “stalk” part which was a bit tough. I cut them into tiny pieces thinking they would cook, but overall the whole thing is still kind of chewy. Not like spinach or other leaves. Maybe a bit like kale in its chewiness.

In general, perugu pacchadi is easy and tastes good.

photo 2 (42) photo 3 (26)

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