Lentil patties made by me

FIrst of all, I made sprouts. All by myself (well, me and the internet). Then I made patties. Here’s the recipe for the lentil patties.



sprouted lentils (1 cup dried)

2 garlic cloves

small piece of ginger

1 chili pepper

coriander leaves

2 small tomatoes

some cumin powder

some coriander powder

some lemon juice

some walnuts


some coconut flour

some oat flour

Keep a few sprouts aside to add in later. Blend all the ingredients. Add remaining sprouts. Add some oat and coconut flour until you can form small laddoo sized patties. Bake them on a well greased pan at 400 F for 10 minutes. Then flip the patties and bake for another 10 minutes.


I tried frying them on a pan, but they wouldn’t hold up. However, on the pan I put more ghee, so the two I made on the pan tasted really good. The baked ones were also pretty good. They taste like lentil sprouts basically. I think they’re fine.

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One thought on “Lentil patties made by me

  1. ojembawakiki says:

    This might literally be the most appetizing, saliva-inducing food picture on the internet. I literally feel like punching through my laptop and grabbing that lentil patty so I could sink my teeth into that beautiful marriage of intricate flavors.


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