Really Bad Brownies

Today I wanted to eat brownies because I wanted that crackly top. I’m on the ‘I quit sugar’ program for 8 weeks, so I don’t eat sugar though. I still eat my microwave chocolate cake (just without the sugar) and that still tastes really good because I’ve grown accustomed to way less sweetness. That’s why I decided that brownies would be alright without sugar too. But I was wrong. Modifying the recipe to remove the sugar was a bad idea. The brownies were too oily and too eggy. Really bad. I don’t know what I’ll do with the rest of them. I think next time if I try to do something like this again, I should just skip the eggs, and put a very small amount of oil. Basically I should just stick to my microwave chocolate cakes. Here’s an obligatory ‘I failed’ picture.shittybrownie2

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One thought on “Really Bad Brownies

  1. ojembawakiki says:

    Quit sugar have you? How’s that going for you? I admire your dedication and lack of giving up ever and never losing faith of your goals dawg.


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