Foolproof microwave cake: coffee flavored edition

I make this microwave cake a lot because it’s so quick and easy and tasty. It doesn’t require precise measurements or anything. I used to just make chocolate ones and molten chocolate ones, but nowadays I make a coffee flavored one, which is super good.


3 heaped spoons of flour + a little extra if you want more

a little less than a flat spoon of instant coffee powder (I think that’s what it is)

1 small spoon of brown sugar

a little less than half a spoon of baking powder

1 spoon oil

3-4 spoons milk + more if needed to get to a pasty consistency

Mix the dry stuff in a small glass container. Add the wet stuff and mix. Microwave for 50 seconds. Check if it’s done and eat it.

Notes: This is a fluffy, but not that fluffy, kind of dry-ish (reminds me of those Asian cakes), but pretty good. To make it more moist, see the ‘more options’ part.

More options:

–  put less baking soda to make it gummier and eat it with milk

– put a little less than a spoon more oil to make it more moist and delicious (reduce other liquid) <– this is really good

– put more sugar if you want it more sweet (duh)

– add some cinnamon for extra dimension

– top it with some chocolate sauce (milk + cocoa + sugar)

Next time, I’ll take pictures along the way and have a great finishing shot so that I can be super duper cool and become super duper famous-like because of my awesome totally legit recipe dawg. And then I’ll become known as the girl who invented everything and is so smart and genius because I am. (I’m just stalling doing my homework, okay??) La la la. ok bye

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2 thoughts on “Foolproof microwave cake: coffee flavored edition

  1. ojembawakiki says:

    Ayy, where da picture at? I’m assuming you must have talked about the lack of picture in the blog post but I didn’t bother reading the blog post yet. Perhaps, I will read it after I post this comment which might negate the purpose of this post. Who knows.


  2. themayafiles says:

    I will take a picture when I make the cake, but right now I’m too full.


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