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Cauliflower besan quesadilla


shit picture but yummy food.

Mix some frozen riced cauliflower (trader joes) with besan flour. I microwaved it 20 sec to thaw a bit. Add garlic, ginger, dhanya, a little cumin powder, red chili powder, turmeric, salt, pepper, cumin seeds. Mix it with water and some more besan flour until it becomes a thick spreadable consistency. Heat pan with oil and spread the batter to about 1/4 thickness. Cook it on low and then medium high. Also I covered it with a lid halfway through. It’s too hard to flip, so don’t flip it. Add cheese when it’s done and try to fold it. It’s kind of hard to fold.

9/10 would make again.

Notes: Use enough oil to spread it around the pan but not so much that it covers the pan bottom completely.

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Carrot Halwa + Caramel

I made some carrot halwa (really basic as I dont have any big girl ingredients like cardamom and nuts and dried fruits).

I also simultaneously made a caramel. It was not a total flop which is good.

I then mixed the two in my bowl.

Also I realized u have to cook carrot halwa a long time and make sure it’s really cooked real gud.


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Palakura Pesarpappu Fry

Another VahChef special. I didn’t have a lot of ingredients (like onions, curry leaves, urad wash, chilis) but it still came out so good.

My modified recipe:

Fry big chunks of garlic in a (very) generous amount of oil. Cook pesarpappu in a separate ginne for a while till it’s half cooked. Then add it into pan with oil. Cook it a bit. Add paspu and karam. Add spinach and salt. Mix it real good and cook it for a while. Add some water and cook it. The mung beans don’t have to be all the way done like in regular pappu.


I had not realized u can make a fry with pappu n spinach and not just like gravy pappu!!

also i made phulka on the flame style.


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Some foods I made and ate Vol.2


Super awesome burger, round 2.

Made my signature patty again. This time, we had it with avocado and gruyere cheese (which I learnt is glorified american cheese). I like pepper jack cheese the best.


Vegetable Manchurian, recipe by the great VahChef at


Best actual brownie I ever made.

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Bread sweet

I had just made some wonderfully fragrant neyyi (clarified butter), and had poured it into a glass jar. Then, like a blundering fool, I went to pick up the jar which was still burning hot and spilled the contents all over the stovetop. Since my stovetop was fairly clean, my fellow kitchen mates and I used slices of bread as sponges to soak up the neyyi.

I pan-fried the fat-soaked bread slices. Then, I cut them into squares and soaked them in sugar syrup. Then I ate it.

It was very, very rich.


7/10 would make again, but definitely with less neyyi.

Apologies for shit pix.

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Some food I made and ate


Pan fried falafels with home grown tomatoes (not my home)


Mango tofu curry (Vegan Richa recipe)


Black eyed pea patties, tahini cabbage stir fry

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Pickled Carrot Daikon Adventures

I made pickled carrot and daikon radish, which is called do chua in Vietnamese. I was inspired because I had eaten a noodle salad type thing with do chua, soy sauce, tahini, and peanuts and it was so amazingly good. You are supposed to juliene the carrots and daikon but I grated it with the food processor instead. And I made lots and lots.

But actually, I didn’t like it that much cuz it was too strong and vinegary. So I thought of making besan patty type things with them and making a tahini dip too. Those were pretty good. Sneha said they’re really good. Then I got another idea. How about making burger patties? Those were even better. Sneha said they’re better than Eureka burgers that she’s been raving about.

Here’s some miscellaneous photos.


Here’s the recipe.

Besan patty:

Mix the pickled carrot, daikon (try not to get the liquid) with besan flour until it’s a good consistency (not stiff, little loose). Add grated garlic, pepper, salt, chili powder. Heat the pan with generous amount of coconut oil. Form into patties and put it in the oil. These patties are good because they are shallow fried. Cook it until it’s brown on both sides.

Tahini sauce:

Mix pickled carrot, daikon with tahini and some soy sauce. Adjust liquids as needed.


Put a slice of pepper jack cheese onto the patty while it’s on the pan so it heats up and maybe melts. Also fry the buns in a little bit of butter or coconut oil (can use the leftover oil). Put the top bun on the cheese side of the patty so that the cheese melts more. Put some tahini sauce on the bottom bun. Put tomato slices on the bottom bun. Put the top bun with its things on top of the bottom bun.

Ready to eat!

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