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Some foods I made and ate Vol.2


Super awesome burger, round 2.

Made my signature patty again. This time, we had it with avocado and gruyere cheese (which I learnt is glorified american cheese). I like pepper jack cheese the best.


Vegetable Manchurian, recipe by the great VahChef at VahRehVah.com


Best actual brownie I ever made.

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Chocolate avocado pudding.

I thought I didn’t like avocado puddings, but I actually do. Sure, it tastes a bit like avocado, but it’s still good. I put 1 avocado, a bit of milk, 3 spoons of sugar (put one next time), 1 spoon cocoa, some coffee powder, and a spoon of coconut oil and blended it. The pudding was creamy and velvety. There were specks of unblended coconut oil that were nice and melty, but next time, I think I’ll put less or skip it altogether. The pudding was also on the sweeter side, so I’ll put less sugar next time.

Here’s a heavily edited picture of it (because, dude, pudding isn’t very photogenic)


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