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Some foods I made and ate Vol.2


Super awesome burger, round 2.

Made my signature patty again. This time, we had it with avocado and gruyere cheese (which I learnt is glorified american cheese). I like pepper jack cheese the best.


Vegetable Manchurian, recipe by the great VahChef at VahRehVah.com


Best actual brownie I ever made.

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Really Bad Brownies

Today I wanted to eat brownies because I wanted that crackly top. I’m on the ‘I quit sugar’ program for 8 weeks, so I don’t eat sugar though. I still eat my microwave chocolate cake (just without the sugar) and that still tastes really good because I’ve grown accustomed to way less sweetness. That’s why I decided that brownies would be alright without sugar too. But I was wrong. Modifying the recipe to remove the sugar was a bad idea. The brownies were too oily and too eggy. Really bad. I don’t know what I’ll do with the rest of them. I think next time if I try to do something like this again, I should just skip the eggs, and put a very small amount of oil. Basically I should just stick to my microwave chocolate cakes. Here’s an obligatory ‘I failed’ picture.shittybrownie2

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Chocolate Coffee Almond Cake/Fake-Brownie


So here’s the recipe for this awesome tasting cake that was supposed to be brownies. It has a nice almond coffee flavor due to the fact that it has almonds and coffee in it.

3/4 rice cup of whole wheat flour (rice cup as in a cup I use to measure rice)

a half a spoon of baking powder (like a regular spoon not a measuring one)

a half a spoon of baking soda

like 3 heaped spoons of cocoa powder (enough to make it the flour mixture a nice brown color)

about 4 to 5 spoons of brown sugar (or as much as you want)

a wee bit of salt

Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl

Now in another bowl add these:

2 to 3 heaped spoons of almond butter

3/4 cup of coffee decoction (the more the merrier)

mix dat

Now mix all of the errythang and add some walnuts. Taste the batter. Does it taste good? Good. Does it taste sweet enough? Add more sugar. Or not if you’re okay with it being slightly sweet. Because it will taste a bit less sweet after you bake it. (Un) Fortunately I literally eat everything, so it doesn’t matter. Now pour the batter in a glass pan (we used a pie shaped one). Preheat da oven. Add some fancy design with slivered almonds or something as you wait. Now put dat shit in the oven. Bake at 350 degrees F for 20 min. Take it out after that. If you stick a fork in the thing, it should come out clean. Now you have cake. Good job.

Notes: The flavor is awesome. I like the coffee and almond flavor. I also like the mild sweetness. The texture is very cake like. It would make a great cake actually. We intended to make brownies doe so…

10/10 would bake again.

Good job Maya and Sneha.

Also do you see there is no oil. Das right.

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