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Cauliflower besan quesadilla


shit picture but yummy food.

Mix some frozen riced cauliflower (trader joes) with besan flour. I microwaved it 20 sec to thaw a bit. Add garlic, ginger, dhanya, a little cumin powder, red chili powder, turmeric, salt, pepper, cumin seeds. Mix it with water and some more besan flour until it becomes a thick spreadable consistency. Heat pan with oil and spread the batter to about 1/4 thickness. Cook it on low and then medium high. Also I covered it with a lid halfway through. It’s too hard to flip, so don’t flip it. Add cheese when it’s done and try to fold it. It’s kind of hard to fold.

9/10 would make again.

Notes: Use enough oil to spread it around the pan but not so much that it covers the pan bottom completely.

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Carrot Halwa + Caramel

I made some carrot halwa (really basic as I dont have any big girl ingredients like cardamom and nuts and dried fruits).

I also simultaneously made a caramel. It was not a total flop which is good.

I then mixed the two in my bowl.

Also I realized u have to cook carrot halwa a long time and make sure it’s really cooked real gud.


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Palakura Pesarpappu Fry

Another VahChef special. I didn’t have a lot of ingredients (like onions, curry leaves, urad wash, chilis) but it still came out so good.

My modified recipe:

Fry big chunks of garlic in a (very) generous amount of oil. Cook pesarpappu in a separate ginne for a while till it’s half cooked. Then add it into pan with oil. Cook it a bit. Add paspu and karam. Add spinach and salt. Mix it real good and cook it for a while. Add some water and cook it. The mung beans don’t have to be all the way done like in regular pappu.


I had not realized u can make a fry with pappu n spinach and not just like gravy pappu!!

also i made phulka on the flame style.


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Bread sweet

I had just made some wonderfully fragrant neyyi (clarified butter), and had poured it into a glass jar. Then, like a blundering fool, I went to pick up the jar which was still burning hot and spilled the contents all over the stovetop. Since my stovetop was fairly clean, my fellow kitchen mates and I used slices of bread as sponges to soak up the neyyi.

I pan-fried the fat-soaked bread slices. Then, I cut them into squares and soaked them in sugar syrup. Then I ate it.

It was very, very rich.


7/10 would make again, but definitely with less neyyi.

Apologies for shit pix.

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This is my lunch: frozen veggies cooked with some yogurt, lemon, and spices and chapati.

photo (37)

Now I’ll tell you what makes this chapati special.

I made it without a rolling pin!

How in the world did I make it without a rolling pin, you ask?

Well, let me tell you.

At first, I too was as perplexed as you, dear reader.

I looked on my counter top for a cylindrical object.

And I found one.

The end.

I’m just kidding, I would never end such a riveting story so abruptly.

This water bottle you see below was my makeshift rolling pin.

photo (38)

Ingenious, I know.

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Milk Kova


Step 1: Decide to make yogurt

Step 2: Heat some milk on the stove

Step 3: Forget about the milk

BAM. Kova.

(Secret Step 4: Look up a recipe online for how to make kova and make it (because if you leave that milk on the stove any longer, it’s going to burn)).

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