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Carrot Halwa + Caramel

I made some carrot halwa (really basic as I dont have any big girl ingredients like cardamom and nuts and dried fruits).

I also simultaneously made a caramel. It was not a total flop which is good.

I then mixed the two in my bowl.

Also I realized u have to cook carrot halwa a long time and make sure it’s really cooked real gud.


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Some foods I made and ate Vol.2


Super awesome burger, round 2.

Made my signature patty again. This time, we had it with avocado and gruyere cheese (which I learnt is glorified american cheese). I like pepper jack cheese the best.


Vegetable Manchurian, recipe by the great VahChef at VahRehVah.com


Best actual brownie I ever made.

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Bread sweet

I had just made some wonderfully fragrant neyyi (clarified butter), and had poured it into a glass jar. Then, like a blundering fool, I went to pick up the jar which was still burning hot and spilled the contents all over the stovetop. Since my stovetop was fairly clean, my fellow kitchen mates and I used slices of bread as sponges to soak up the neyyi.

I pan-fried the fat-soaked bread slices. Then, I cut them into squares and soaked them in sugar syrup. Then I ate it.

It was very, very rich.


7/10 would make again, but definitely with less neyyi.

Apologies for shit pix.

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Carrot Halwa

I made carrot halwa. I didn’t have cardamom and nuts, so this carrot halwa is pretty plain. It’s also not that sweet. It has equal parts carrot and milk. I estimated the sugar at the end.

photo (51)

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Milk Kova


Step 1: Decide to make yogurt

Step 2: Heat some milk on the stove

Step 3: Forget about the milk

BAM. Kova.

(Secret Step 4: Look up a recipe online for how to make kova and make it (because if you leave that milk on the stove any longer, it’s going to burn)).

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